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A place for Hackers by Hackers

Part of the web3 Community

Better Incentives

Research, Tools and Public Goods

Web3 auditing at its finest.

The learning curve for new hires is steep and retention is a challenge. Hackers prefer to work on their on terms, they do bug bounty programs and operate as lone wolf auditors.

  • Fair terms Hackers choose what they want to work on, based on better designed incentives.
  • A community of vetted people A support network for both the structured person and the lone wolf.
  • Fair compensation Better long-term incentives to keep looking for bugs even after the security work is provided.

CREED IS a community built for hackers

I'm a dev, why should I care?

More long-term alignment with auditors. Better prioritization system based on the needs of the community. Funding public goods for security & dev tooling. Cool collab swag.

I'm a hacker, why do I care?

Bigger long-term upside. Support network and widespread community of vetted professionals. Shared upside on other hackers’ work (community +++). Choosing interesting work, never settling. Get a bigger say in what shapes the web3 security panorama (i.e., increasing stake in Creed). Cool swag.