For projects, interacting with the Creed is simple.

Anyone can submit audit requests, whether as public or closed bids. Members of the Creed, known as Paladins, vote whether to work on that audit. Once the audit is completed, a report is delivered and optionally published by the Creed.

The Creed gives auditors freedom.

Paladins have the opportunity to vote on the projects they wish to contribute to. Revenue generated from audits is distributed directly among contributors. Through collaboration with elite security researchers and tool builders, Creed ensures the execution of top-quality audits, directly rewarding them with a share of the revenue. Creed is created by hackers, for hackers.

Our Public Audits

  • BakerFi Recursive Staking

    May 2024
  • Puffer Finance

    April 2024
  • Connext Vesting Wallet

    March 2024
  • BakerFi Recursive Staking

    February 2024
  • Connext xTokens

    January 2024